Green Marketing, On Social Media Works Best On Younger People

According to the Mintel, a company that tracks trends in the whole world, if you have a green service or product, you should use social media that target younger people. They are more prone to take an action and they have a bigger social circle. According to the same company, 24% of people who bought a green product, did it because they wanted to show other people that they care about the environment. 20% admitted that they mixed recyclable waste with ordinary garbage.
This proves that many people don’t actually care about the environment. They do this just because they think it is ‘’cool’’ and their friends are doing it. Their behavior isn’t long and it can quickly disappear. But, younger people are much better area for green cultivation.
The Mintel company, found that 14% of young people (18-24 years old) used some green product just because their friend posted something ‘’green’’ on a website. 12% of the same people, said that they followed a green company on Twitter and like it on Facebook. This means that many people will try to live green as long they are under social pressure. When the pressure disappears, their green behavior will disappear as well.
Younger people, between 18 and 34 years, have 300 friends on Facebook. The range of influence is much higher among these people than on adults. They have better social circle and they have better communication. Because of these two things, paying attention to younger people, and preparing them for green living is crucial. We can expect much better success that will last much longer.

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